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Conrad is an international, innovative organization from The Netherlands with over 100 years of experience in the design and production of client specific vertical drilling rigs and requirements. Conrad develops drilling equipment with the highest quality. The goal is to deploy the most efficient drilling rigs. Safe and with attention for the environment, faster than any other, user friendly for every drillmaster, powerful enough for each ground and flexible enough for every location, worldwide. Customized in every detail.

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    Always the highest quality, real Dutch craftsmanship and virtue, combined with high-tech possibilities.

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    Driven by technology, bij improvement. Passionate about the development of the most advanced international products.

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    Custom means continuous innovation. Drilling installations that fit like a glove, that is customization at Conrad.

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    The power of Conrad is that every drilling rig is designed, developed and programmed under one roof in a horizontal organization.

Innovation in
drilling equipment

Our products

We are proud of our product offering that consists of the most advanced vertical drilling rigs and requirements. For over a decade every drilling machine at Conrad is produced client specific. From jetting masts to fully automated drilling rigs with a wide range of drilling methods. Conrad wants to be ahead in the branch. That motif makes we realize each assignment with a maximum of passion and energy.

But Conrad has a lot more to offer. An extensive range of drilling requirements such as drill pipes, bits and augers. Conrad is also market leader in the Netherlands in maintenance contracts and the sales of occasions.

Conrad Stanen Drilling Equipment


In a market saturated with technology, innovation is often key. With our team of specialists we are continuously thriving for the further development of our product range. It is our wish to share those innovations, and insights on a regular basis in our social media updates, whitepapers and articles but also here in our news section.



A year on the road! Harry Schoemaker has been responsible for the Engineering department at Conrad since January 2019. The engineering department is an essential part of operational management, certainly when you develop tailor-made drilling machines.



Van Grinsven soil drilling and source drainage from Wilbertoord chose the Conrad Boxer 200 with conv...

Innovation in drilling equipment

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