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We are proud of our product offering that consists of the most advanced vertical drilling rigs and requirements. For over a decade every drilling machine at Conrad is produced client specific. From jetting masts to fully automated drilling rigs with a wide range of drilling methods. Conrad wants to be ahead in the branch. That motif makes we realize each assignment with a maximum of passion and energy.

Boxer 50


Our lightweight compact drilling rig for placing drain filters

Combi 500


Most advanced in its class, environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Comax 800


Largest combination drilling rig in the range, versatile and robust.

Zull 2000


Most powerful reverse circulation rig in the range, specific and durable.

KD 43


Compact pulse-avegaar drilling installation for soil research

KD 53


Multi-functional drilling installation for environmental and geotechnical drills


Conrad is total supplier of customized drilling rigs and requirements. On a day to day basis we have contact with our clients worldwide in the development of drilling equipment, the execution of existing and new maintenance contracts and the delivery of necessary replacements.

No doubt Conrad is also your partner in all drilling requirements such as drill pipes, bits augers, etc. In addition we supply a broad range of drilling gear.

Boorbuizen(rek) en avegaar

Our specials

Every drilling rig developed by Conrad is customized to the last detail to match the specific drilling necessities of our clients. Nevertheless at the end of most projects the drilling machines are still more than suitable to work in other construction corses. Conrad is internationally known for its high quality and innovative products. Many of our machines get a second life in new projects in The Netherlands but also worldwide.

Innovation in drilling equipment

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