The Conrad Vibracorer P291 is an installation for taking samples of underwater bottom and seafloor for geological / geotechnical investigation to a depth of 45 meters. Because the complete installation is galvanized it can be used in seawater conditions without problem.

Based on experience with development of the Geodoff 1 and 2 and the Vibracorer the current Vibracorer P291 is capable of taking samples with a recovery rate of more than 90% under right circumstances.

Operator convenience & comfort / Advantages

The design and operation of the Vibracorer P291 has been kept simple and due to only a few moving parts it requires little maintenance.

For operation of the pneumatic hammer a compressor of 5 m3/min at 7 - 8 bar is required. The total weight of 800 kg makes it possible to use the installation from a variety of smaller ships.

On the rig an electronic depth measurement sensor has been mounted to measure the penetration depth which can be monitored on a display in the control panel on deck of the ship. With the depth indicator and core barrel pressure gauge the progress of sampling can be clearly monitored.

The complete installation, consumables and tools are stored in a 20ft container. Because of this the transport is made easy.

Conrad Stanen bedieningsgemak en vibracorer


Max. sample length 3,0 up to 5,3 meter  
Diameter of sample Ø 67 mm  
Max. water depth 45 meter  
Air consumption 4 m3/min at 7 bar  
Vibro percussion energy 20 kW  
Penetration rate Dense sands 0,3 - 1,0 m/min
  Loose sands and clay 1,0 - 1,5 m/min
Recovery rate Dense sands 90% and up
  Loose sands and clay 60% - 70%
Weight in kg 800

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