When a water well has poor yield because the filter is clogged it is necessary to carry out well regeneration. For this purpose we have developed a reel system to do this regeneration as efficiently as possible.

This reel for well regeneration is installed on a tracked undercarriage for easy manoeuvring in difficult terrain.


  • Complete mobile installation
  • Unclogging per section of filter
  • Easy to use

Operator convenience & comfort

The on tracked undercarriage mounted reel can be manoeuvred to the well with ease. On the reel a hose with large passage is installed and attached to this hose is an underwater pump. The unreeling of the of the hose is driven by an hydraulic motor.

The working principle of the system is section pumping. The underwater pump is installed between two rubber sealing discs and is lowered in the well to the filter. Next a large amount of water is extracted which is several times the normal yield of the well. This releases the clogging. By placing the pump at different positions in the filter it is possible to treat each layer.

With this method the maximum yield of the well can also be determined.

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