For installing of collectors for ground source energy we have developed several solutions and have these currently in our scope of supply.

The next versions are available:
- Manual version
- Hydraulic version
- Hydraulic driven version
- Combination reel for installing collector and borehole backfilling

These reels can be handled by a small excavator equipped with a quick connection coupling or by means of a truck crane.

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  • Controlled installation of collectors
  • No heavy manual labour required
  • Work faster

Operator convenience & comfort

Manual version
The manual version speaks for itself. With this version the collector bundle has to be installed on the reel by the worker. Also the unreeling of the collector has to be done manually. This reel is preferably used for smaller collectors.

Hydraulic version
This version has arms which can be hydraulically opened and closed. The reel is mounted on a small excavator and the hydraulic function is connected to the extra function of the excavator.

This way the crane can “pick up” the collector bundle. The worker only has to unreel the collector by hand.

Hydraulic driven version
The hydraulic driven version is mainly similar to the standard hydraulic version. But a hydraulic motor is added to hydraulically driven unreel the collector. This version can be used almost without any manual labour.

Combination reel ICH 150 for installation collector and borehole backfilling
This version has two reels installed on one frame. One side is a reel for the collectors and the other side is a reel on which a hose for borehole backfilling is installed. The filling reel is connected to a grout mixer for backfilling the borehole in a very controlled manner after installation of the collector.

Both reels are hydraulically driven. This version is mainly suited for larger collectors and the collector is preferably installed on the reel by means of a truck crane or excavator.

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Type of reel Manual Hydraulic Hydraulic
ICH 150
Max diameter collector 1.500 mm 1.500 mm 1.500 mm 1.500 mm
Min diameter collector 700 - 900 mm 850 mm 850 - 1.100 mm 700 - 900 mm
Width collector 800 mm 800 mm 800 - 1.100 mm 800 - 1.100 mm
Length injection hose - - - 150 meter
Weight in kg - - - 900

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