The Grout hose reel (HGSH 300) is a hose reel for injecting grout into a borehole. Because this unit is hydraulically driven, inserting and withdrawing the injection hose is a simple operation.
The maximum hose length on the reel is 300 meters.

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The Grout hose reel is an indispensable part for backfilling a borehole. After completing the drilling and installing the collector (heat loop), the hose is inserted. The grout can then be injected with a separate grout pump while the hose is retracted hydraulically.

The maximum hose length is 300 meters. Depending on the desired hose length, a different holder can be mounted. The holder is quickly interchangeable for projects with different drilling depths.

For guiding and manoeuvring the hose, the reel can also be equipped with a hydraulically operated guide arm.

The unit is equipped with an electrically driven hydraulic pump. The power supply consists of a Honda power pack. Alternatively, the unit can also be connected to a fixed 230V power connection.

Operator convenience & comfort


Max hose length 300 meter PE hose Ø40 mm
Reel drive system Electric driven hydraulic pump
Powersupply Honda EU22i powerpack
Weight in kg 300 – 675 kg (depending on version)

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