The CD690 cleaning unit is a highly specialized installation for removing of activated carbon from reactor vessels at oil refineries. By means of a high pressure of max. 850 bar water is injected by drill tubes to a nozzle where jets of water remove the activated carbon from the reactor vessels.

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To meet local safety regulations of the refinery the CD690 cleaning unit is tested and provided with a ATEX cat. II 3G IIC T3 safety norm. Also a SIR safety test has been carried out, which ensures that all parts of the installation meet the safety regulations.

A drillpipe carrousel and drillhead side-shift are installed on the installation which makes manual handling of drillpipes a thing of the past. At the bottom of the mast a double breaking clamp is installed for breaking of drillpipe connections.

The installation is mounted in a hinged hoisting frame which makes installing of the installation on the reactor vessel easy.

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Maximum working pressure 850 bar
Nominal working pressure 450 bar
Drill head 3 inch with HD swivel
Torque drill head 150 daNm at 70 bar
Pull up 1.200 daN
Pull down 1.000 daN
Winch 250 daN
Capacity carrousel 30 meter (10 x 3 meter)
Weight in kg 3.600 kg

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