The CCR-1000 is a compact and efficient process-water reclaiming installation. Due to its compact dimensions it can be easily used with different types of drilling rigs.

Application possibilities:
• On the backside of the drilling rig (hydraulic driven)
• On a trailer (electric driven)
• On a skid (electric driven)

Optionally the CCR can be attached to and detached from the drilling rig by means of a lifting device and hydraulic quick couplings.

CCR 1000
CCR 1000


  • Because the process water is direct and constantly filtered it is quickly available again for the drilling process. This eliminates the need for large amounts of process water and large settling tanks.
  • Because of this process the cuttings (sand, clay, gravel) are filtered dry, which makes it easier to handle and process. This is, especially on locations with several drillholes, a cost-effective and efficient advantage.
  • Because the CCR is a stand-alone installation it can be attached to or installed on an existing rig fairly easy ¹.
Note: ¹ Depends on available hydraulic flow (l/min) and pressure (bar)

Werking en flow schema

During the straight flush drilling process the drill fluid flows into a small container (capacity 200 liter) which is sealed around a small standpipe by means of a rubber sealing flap.

The drill fluid is then pumped to the CCR and deposited on the scalping deck. Here larger pieces of clay and gravel are sifted due to the shaking movement of the shaker. The sifted drill fluid is collected in a container and pumped up again to a hydro-cyclone. Here the water and solids are separated. The water is added to the circulation again.

The solids are then deposited on the primary screen. Here the sand, remaining water and drilling additives are separated. The sand is discharged from the screen deck, the water and additives are added to the circulation. A separate circulation with mixer is also available to add additives to the drill fluid.

Conrad Stanen bedieningsgemak en CCR 1000


  On drilling rig
hydraulic driven
Tralier mounted
Electrical driven
Skid mounted
Electrical driven
Proces volume 1.7 m3 2.3 m3 2.3 m3
Shaker Ram compact max
dual deck
Ram compact max
dual deck
Ram compact max
dual deck
Scalping screen Polyurethaan 1,08 m2 Polyurethaan 1,08 m2 Polyurethaan 1,08 m2
Primary screen Screen area 1,1 m2 Screen area 1,1 m2 Screen area 1,1 m2
Max. flow capaciteit 1.000 l/min 750 l/min 750 l/min
Seperation capacity 15 t/hr 15 t/hr 15 t/hr
Circulation pump 9.5 kW 11.8 11.8
Hydro cyclone 1 pc. Krebs U6 6 pc. Krebs U4-10 6 pc. Krebs U4-10
Required hydr.
pressure and flow
250 bar
40 l/min
- -
Power connection - 64 A - CE 64 A - CE
Power usage - 50 kVA 50 kVA
Recommended generator - 80 kVA 80 kVA
Dimensions LxWxH 2,2 x 1,46 x 3,1 m 4,9 x 2,45 x 2,78 m 2,4 x 1,76 x 2,43
Weight in kg 1.800 kg 2.300 kg 1.800 kg

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