The famous Conrad Banka drilling equipment is the original Banka drill since 1902. It was at that time the first drilling equipment which was manufactured by Conrad. The Banka drill is developed by the dutch engineer J.E. Akkeringa and was first used on the Indonesian island Bangka for tin mineral exploration. Till this day the Banka drill is used worldwide.

With the Banka drill exploration drilling can be done in remote and hard to reach locations, such as jungle and soft ground conditions, because every part of the equipment can be hand carried by one person.

The Banka drill is an invaluable piece of equipment for exploration drilling in alluvial ground layers for minerals such as tin, gold, bauxite, etc. A 4 inch and a 6 inch version are available. For drilling in various ground conditions several different tools are available.

Banka Boor
Banka Boor


  • Can be used in hard to reach places
  • Easy transportable
  • Simple operation
  • Sturdy design
  • Excellent sampling capabilities

Operator convenience & comfort

Because of the intelligent design and simple operation the Banka drill can be operated by unschooled local workers, with guidance of an experienced driller. Most often the drilling depths are 10 to 15 meters.

The casing is lowered in the ground by its own weight, the weight of the workers on the platform and by rotation. The workers on the platform lift and drop the bailer.

Conrad Stanen bedieningsgemak en banka boor

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