The Conrad jetting mast SBM was originally developed for positioning 10-metre long filters at wellpoint drainage projects in one go. This jetting mast has become deployable for a broad range of options after more than 20 years of continued development.

The jetting masts have already been delivered many times as different models with the following options in part due to the constant new requirements coming from our customer base:

  • Direct/fixed set up on an excavator where the boom is adjusted to create an optimal drilling set-up and transport situation. An excavator and jetting mast combination is a single unit.
  • Connection of the jetting mast to the excavator through a quick exchange system, which means that the excavator continues to be deployable multifunctionally.
  • Connection of the jetting mast to the auto load crane through a quick exchange system where both the auto load and the drilling functions can be operated through one and the same radio control unit.
  • Telescopic mast to realise a relatively large stroke of the drill head within specific transport dimensions.
  • Height adjustment between the mast and main hinge to ensure proper positioning over sheet pile walls or to be able to drill at deeper or higher situated surfaces.
  • Transverse rotation adjustment between the mast and main hinge for setting the mast vertically when the excavator is slightly at an angle.
  • Swivel/rotation set-up in the main hinge for optimally reaching holes that must be made very close to the wall or sheet pile walls without having to move the excavator.
  • Extendable main boom construction to ensure that holes can be made close up to the rig or, if required, further away from the rig.
  • The drilling process from the cab can be controlled through control handles that are fixed.
  • Both the drilling process and the excavator can be radio controlled remotely.

Drilling methods

The jetting mast has been delivered in many lengths. The selected stroke lengths of the drill head have been between 4.5 metres and 22 metres with regard to the extendable model up to now.

  • Tool
    Reverse circulation drilling

    Reverse circulation drilling up to 70 to 80 metres in depth and a hole diameter of up to 800 mm *

  • Tool
    Straight flush drilling

    Straight flush drilling up to approx. 150 metres in depth and a hole diameter up to approx. 350 mm *

  • Tool
    Auger drilling

    Auger drilling for both hollow stem and full augers where diameters of 400 mm to 600 mm can be set when applying an approx. 800 – 1000 daNm auger drill head.

  • Tool
    Soil detection

    Soil detection for tracking conventional explosives with a probe.

  • Tool
    Water glass injection

    Water glass injection, GPS driven and unmanned drilling in accordance with an injection pattern.

* Will depend on the geological and the soil conditions.

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