The Boxer 50 is the newest model of the line on Conrad vertical drilling machines that lends itself extremely well for placing drainage filters. The smallest of our series is specifically developed as a lightweight installation and can easily be transported on a trailer. You do not need a large driver's license for transportation.

Key features:

  • Aluminum drilling mast and drill bit
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Suitable for difficult terrain and tight environments
  • Transport with trailer
  • Advanced and very accessible installation
  • Equipped with the most recent techniques
  • Slewing ring with 360° rotation possibility
  • Equipped with full radiographic control
  • Mounted on caterpillar base for optimal displacement

Our lightweight compact drilling rig for placing drain filters

Operator convenience & comfort

The Boxer 50 is very easy to drive and fully radiographic. Due to its limited dimensions, it lends itself to smaller spaces. The drilling mast has a length of 6 meters and a telescopic pole provides 3 meters extra for placing filters up to 9 meters deep. The limited weight is realized in addition to the dimensions by the use of an aluminum drilling mast and drill head. Unlike the bigger brother on the Boxer 100.

Conrad Stanen Operator convenience & comfort Boxer 50


Diesel engine
Hatz silentpack 2L41C 23 kW (31 pk) at 2300 rpm.
Stroke 6 m
Pull-up force 1000 daNm
Pull-down force 500 daNm
Thrupass 75 mm
Torque 150 daNm @ 60 rpm
Crawler carrier
Tracks Rubber
Length 2100 mm
Width 230 mm
Speed 0,5 km / u (infinitely adjustable)
LxBxH 7,0 x 1,8 x 2,2 m
Weight 2050 kg, excluding drilling lance

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