The Conrad Boxer 150 is designed as a small and light auger installation on caterpillar chassis, but has become a compact and powerful machine and a big competitor for its bigger brother. The Boxer 150 is a very popular machine in our product line.

This extremely modern machine is fully radio operated during drilling and driving and has an outstanding maneuverability due to its compact dimensions in difficult terrain and in smaller environments. The Boxer 150 can be arranged as desired for automatic drilling, suction- and airlift drilling or pulse drilling.

Boxer 150
Boxer 150

Drilling methods

  • Tool
    Reverse circulation drilling

  • Tool
    Straight flush drilling

  • Tool
    Percussion drilling

  • Tool
    Auger drilling

* Will depend on the geological and the soil conditions.

Operator convenience & comfort

Conrad Stanen has translated a lot of experiences of drilling rig operators into the operating friendliness of its designs. This ensures that productivity is increased as a whole and that it is made more pleasant for the drilling rig operator to work with the rig. A few examples of this are:

  • Full drill pipe manipulation system that ensures that drill pipes no longer have to be inserted and extracted manually (no physical load)
  • A semi or fully automatic facility for the above to ensure that manual control is limited to a minimum (operating comfort)
  • Radio remote control for all important drilling functions and setting up the drilling rig (good visibility of the drilling process and surrounding area)
  • Automatic greasing system
  • A high engine performance that increases productivity

The drilling rig operator can set himself or herself up in the area of the rig with his or her radio control unit. Inserting and extracting drill pipes are automatic tasks and do not lead to physical loads. This also prevents the risk of body parts becoming trapped.

Conrad Stanen bedieningsgemak en comfort Boxer 200


Option 1 Dieselmotor P.T.O. 92 kW
Length 6,5 m
Max. safe working load 75 kN
Height under crown sheave 5,8 m
Pull back / Pull down systeem through hydraulic cylinder and steel cables
Stroke 4,2 m
Pull back 40
Pull down 20 kN
Lifting speed 1 m/sec
Hydraulic hoisting winch
Thrupass 100 mm / 125 mm
Torque / Revolutions 500 daNm bei 60 rpm
350 daNm bei 120 rpm
Hydraulische hijslier
Line pull 1500 daNm
Steel cable 50 m ø 10 mm
Lifting speed 0,5 m/sec
Centrifugal mudpump (hydraulically driven)
Rate 120 m³ / hour
Pressure 8 bar
Suction pump (hydraulically driven)
Rate 240 m³ / hour
Suction height 9 m.w.k.
Compressor (hydraulisch driven)
Rate 4,5 m³ / min
Pressure 10 bar
Rotary table unit
Thrupass 320 mm
Torque 1500 daNm
Revolutions 20 rpm

Additional options

  • Different drill head models
  • Larger pull back/pull down power and speed
  • Different types of winches
  • Different lit of spray pump models
  • Other rotary table units
  • Drill pipe manipulation system
  • Percussion device
  • Winch cable push-out arm
  • Crown sheaves construction that can be rotated and extended
  • Mast dump (mast height adjustment)
  • Automatic greasing system
  • Automatically operated drill pipe manipulator
  • Automatically operated restart of drilling process

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