Upgrade to reverse circulation for the Combi 71 of Van der Lienden Grondboringen

| The Combi 71 of Van der Lienden Grondboringen underwent an extensive overhaul and upgrade, and is now equipped with the reverse circulation drilling system.

For the reverse circulation drilling system an 6 inch suction pump is mounted on a skid and attached to the front side bumper of the Unimog truck. Also new waterworks have been installed from the suction pump to the drill head and 4 inch drill pipes are included.

As part of the upgrade the existing original tubular frame mast has been replaced by a modern box type mast similar as used on the Boxer 200. The hydraulic system has completely been checked and where necessary modified. The Unimog truck and the base frame have also been checked and overhauled. The complete rig has been provided with a new primer and paint layer in the colours of Van der Lienden grondboringen.

The overhaul and upgrade have given this already 37 year old drilling rig a second life as a reverse circulation drilling rig.

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