Update from the far east

| Earlier this year we informed you about several installations which have been shipped to Indonesia. After delivery our mechanics travelled to Indonesia around end of February to commission the three units Boxer 150.

After our mechanics assembled the rigs, which were partly disassembled for transport, the client could start to learn how to work with the rig which will be used for mineral exploration.

With support of our mechanics and a specialist in the field of percussion drilling the first drillings have been carried out in a location which has been mined in the past. The results of the exploration gives an indication of the remaining tin reserves in that area. Also the core drilling capabilities of the installations have been thoroughly tested.

After having made several successful test drillings our mechanics have returned to the Netherlands. The client is using the rigs fully now and they are keeping us informed regularly with the achieved drilling depths and production results.

Beginning of June our mechanics have travelled to Indonesia again, this time to commission the Geotin 3 drilling equipment. The installation of the equipment is progressing according to planning and we hope to inform you more detailed about this soon.

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