| Theo van Velzen Grondboortechniek en Bronbemaling from Alkmaar in The Netherlands received its brand new Boxer 150 last week. This multifunctional powerhouse can be equipped for both rinsing and suction drilling.

Theo van Velzen already works with several Conrad machines, including a few jetting masts and the Conrad KD series. Now that the organization is developing further in the area of geothermal energy, the purchase of a Conrad Boxer 150 was a logical choice. The machine is specially equipped for rinsing and suction drills and has a 4-inch suction pump.

Conrad Stanen always carries out the latest user-friendly measures when designing every new drilling rig. These updates ensure that every driller can control the machine as efficiently as possible. By default, the modern Boxer 150 has a complete drill pipe manipulation system, so that the drill pipes no longer have to be manually inserted and removed. As a drillmaster you therefore no longer have to deal with physical load. In addition, this Boxer radio remote control for all important drilling functions and so you have a better view of the drilling process and the environment. The drilling operator can use his control unit in a practical and safe manner in the vicinity of the machine.

Theo van Velzen is a specialist in the field of water displacement in construction, industry and for all civil engineering projects. Currently the organization has around 65 employees. One thing has remained unchanged through the years: the commitment, service and involvement with which the work is done. Because with all the technology and knowledge that Theo and his team have in-house, well-motivated people with a broad experience in 'water displacement' remain indispensable for a successful business.

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