| This week Sijben bronboringen vof received its second drilling machine, the Conrad PBM 150 percussion drilling installation. This second rig gives the organization more operational possibilities and the opportunity to work at less accessible locations.

Since 1989 Sijben bronboringen is thé adress for drilling with the traditional Percussion drilling method. Percussion drilling is eminently the way to realize drilling projects in areas with a lot of gravel. Percussion drillings with a depth of 60 meters and a maximum drill hole of 419 mm are the companies specialty. Since the year 2013 Sijben is able to offer suction drilling (diameter till 500 mm.) with their new developed Conrad drilling machine. This installation is also equiped for the combination of percussion and suction drilling.

At the start of the organization Sijben worked mainly for the agricultural sector. In the meantime also the government and business know where to find Sijben. Companies and institutions are provided with irrigations wells, extinguishing water services and geothermal drillings. Besides those new services, geological investigation is one of Sijbens specialties.

Last year the plans for the new machine were discussed at Bauma in Munich. This week the PBM 150 was delivered. De Conrad PBM 150 percussion drilling installation is build on to 4 x 4 Mercedes 1823 AK truck and is a one of a kind machine. The request was to implement an existing rotary table, a casing fill pump and a radiographic controlled crane. Customer service at its best!

The modern IQAN drilling rig control system offers functionality to control, monitor and automate all functions of the drilling rig using a CANbus system. On the control screen diesel engine data and system pressures can be easily monitored, just as some drilling rig functions can be monitored and adjusted on the control screen. A modem and internet connection enable the monitoring, sharing and analysis of rig data directly from the office. Naturally this machine is approved by Aboma.

As they say at Sijben: "grueëts op weer een prachtige machine in onze vloot!"
(Extremely proud of another beautiful machine in our range.)

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