SBM 6.5 C for Walter Clausen GmbH, equipped with telescopic jetting lances

| Recently a SBM 6.5 C jettingmast has been delivered to Walter Clausen GmbH from Hamburg, Germany.

This mast has been mounted directly to the main arm of the Caterpillar 311D excavator. The maximum stroke of this jetting mast is 6,5 meter, however by utilizing telescopic jetting lances it is possible to reach a drilling depth of 9 meters.

First with the lance in it’s retracted position drilling is carried out until 4,5 meters depth, then the bottom part of the lance is clamped in the bottom catching clamp and the inner part of the lance is disconnected, extended and connected again in the extended position. The total length of the lance is now 9,7 meter and drilling can be continued up to 9 meters depth. Several telescopic lances have been delivered with the mast with a thrupass of respectively 80, 100 and 127 mm. The drillbits are exchangeable.

By using telescopic lances it is possible to use a short jetting mast and still reach a drilling depth of 9 meters which is common for this application. the main advantage is that a less heavy excavator is required than is the case with a 10 meter long mast. The advantages with transport of a lighter and more compact combination are clear.

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