| This summer we delivered a brand new CRT 419 to the Austrian firm Spirk. This rotary table was developed together for placement on an existing installation.

This summer Conrad delivered a brand new rotary table to Spirk. Spirk is an Austrian company specialized in drilling systems, grouting plants and measurement technology for specialist foundation engineering. They sell and rent their high-quality versatile equipment to building companies all over Europe. Last year we met this organization at Bauma in Munich. The development of this specific rotary table is based on cooperation between two companies. The CRT 419 is placed on an existing installation.

The Conrad Rotary Table is equipped with quick exchangeable clamping inserts. Due to the intelligent design of the inserts it is possible to efficiently and easily change them when switching to another diameter of casing. Furthermore the clamping inserts are equipped with wear plates which can be exchanged easily also.

The rotary table is equipped with a hydraulic operated casing clamp, mounted under the rotary table, for the purpose of holding the casing during extracting and installation. Thrupass of this clamp can be changed by means of inserts for clamping smaller diameter casing.

Max. torque4.500 daNm
Max. thrupass430 mm
Max. stroke500 mm
Retracting force24.000 daN
Push down force16.000 daN (with sufficient anchoring)
Speed range0 - 10 rpm

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