REMON starts with third CONRAD BOXER 200

| REMON ordered its third drilling machine within the CONRAD BOXER 200 series. This hyper modern vertical drilling installation is equipped with all novelties in the area of geothermal techniques and soil energy.

We are proud of the relationship with REMON including a servicecontract for 5 machines. Besides the Boxer serie REMON uses the Combi 300 and Combi 500. For over 35 years REMON takes care of clean water. REMON offers her clients a custom water concept – from the choice for the best drill pit to the source and from water purification plant to the usage of geothermal energy.

Quality has no boundaries
REMON is a one of the large specialists in The Netherlands concerning source water and helps over 40.000 clients on any subject. Farms, greenhouses, saunas, trading companies and industry – REMON is partner for every application. Which water quality do we need? Which borders and values do we use? How do we reach steady water pressure using multiple connections? What permits are required? Is it possible to flush the milk tank with this water? Do we need a reservoir? REMON supports its clients in every detail.

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