Percussion drilling rig PBM 200 delivered to Pieter Sijben Bronboringen

| ​The PBM 200 percussion drilling rig which has been developed for Pieter Sijben Bronboringen has been delivered earlier this year and has carried out it’s first drilling projects.

This rig has been developed to suit the very specific drilling circumstances in which Pieter Sijben is specialized.

The rig is equipped with both the reverse circulation as the percussion drilling system. For handling casing a rotary table with a thrupass of 419 mm is mounted. This rotary table has a torque of 4.500 daNm, the pull up force is 24.000 daN and the pull down force is 6.000 daN. The stroke is max. 1.000 mm.

Capabilities of this rig include the drilling though a gravel layer with the percussion drilling system at first, and when sand layers are reached drilling can continue using the reverse circulation drilling system. For this method a hinged expanding bit is used through the casing.

We also refer to the video of this rig for a more detailed explanation to the several options which are on this rig.

Film PBM 200

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