New rig orders for Dutch customers

| In the recent months new orders have been received for design and manufacture of new drilling rigs.

The company Koelewijn in Bunschoten has given an order for the delivery of a Boxer 200 on a tracked undercarriage. This rig can be used on a wide variety of projects and is equipped with the straight flush- reverse circulation and airlift drilling system. In order to carry out drillings at a high rate a powerful dieselengine of 238 Hp at 2200 rpm has been chosen to drive the hydraulic system.

As with almost all drilling rigs which are delivered by Conrad Stanen the Boxer 200 will be equipped with a drillpipe manipulator and radiographic controls. Together with the Combi 300, which has been delivered in June 2011, the machine park of Koelewijn has been further updated and is ready for the future.

Also Van de Pol Grondboringen in Dedemsvaart has given an order for a Boxer 200. This rig is equipped for the reverse circulation and the airlift drilling system. The rig is equipped with a drillpipe manipulator and radiographic controls. Also an advanced operating system is present to monitor and adjust the rigs functions.

The company Van de Pol has traded in a Fraste drilling rig and this rig will be modified by Conrad Stanen. A drillpipe manipulator will be designed and mounted to the rig to make the rig more user friendly. Further adjustments to the rig will be made to ensure the rig meets the standards of Conrad Stanen.

These adjustments will be made for Van 't Hof Grondboringen in Oosterwolde who purchased the modified rig.

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