New orders from the far east

| The state mining company of Indonesia, PT Timah, has issued two orders to Conrad Stanen. PT Timah is active in the exploration and mining of tin ore.

Conrad Stanen has received an order for 3 pieces Boxer 150 drilling rig which will be used for exploration of tin ore on the island of Bangka, Indonesia.

Furthermore an order has been received for a drilling vessel, called Geotin 3.This drilling vessel is the offshore version of the Boxer 150 and will be used for exploration of tin ore in the seas surrounding Bangka island. With this vessel it is possible to drill to approx. 70 meters in the seabed, using the counterflush drilling method. The Geotin 1 was delivered in 1997 and the Geotin 2 in 2010, the Geotin 3 will be the successor of these two drilling vessels. The results of these survey vessels form the basis for the locations where the dredgers will go to work to dredge the tin ore.

JKS Boyles - Great Britain has ordered a Conrad Combi 500 on 6x6 truck. This machine will be used for drilling water wells in the south of Kazakhstan. For this purpose the Combi 500 is equipped with the reverse circulation drilling system. An engineer of Conrad Stanen will travel to Kazakhstan when delivery is made to instruct the local employees concerning the workings of the Combi 500.

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