New orders from Dutch and international customers

| The orderbook of Conrad Stanen has recently been filled with a number of machines to be build for customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Verhoeven Drunen BV has provided us with an order for design and manufacture of a Combi 500 HD which will be mounted on a MAN 6x6 truck. This rig with a pull up force of 18.000 daN is equipped with the reverse circulation- and airlift drilling system. The Combi 400 currently used by Verhoeven has been traded in and is now available in the occasion section.

The company De Watergroep CVBA from Brussel started a tender procedure in 2012 for purchase of a new drilling rig. Conrad Stanen BV has participated in this procedure and early June the order was given to us.

It concerns a Conrad Boxer 200 which is suitable for reverse circulation drilling, straight flush drilling, percussion drilling, auger drilling and cased drilling. De Watergroep traded in a Wirth B1A on Unimog and this rig has already been sold to a new owner.

From Denmark we received an order from the company Poul Christiansen AS for delivery of two drilling rigs. The first is a new Combi 500 on track. And the second is an overhauled Combi 300 on MAN truck. The Combi 300 was previously used by Bouten Grondboringen from Nijmegen in The Netherlands.

The Combi 500 is a versatile rig which is equipped for the following drilling systems.

  • Straight flush
  • Reverse circulation
  • Reverse circulation with airlift
  • Core drilling
  • Counter flush drilling up to 40 meters
  • Percussion drilling

The Combi 300 on MAN truck will be completely checked, overhauled and provided with a new conservation layer. A drill pipe manipulator and storage suitable for 4 meter long drillpipes will be installed. Furthermore the mast will be extended to accommodate for the longer drillpipes. Finally the percussion- straight flush- and airlift drilling system will be installed. The reverse circulation drilling system was already installed and will be retained. Again a very versatile rig for Poul Christiansen AS.

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