New Conrad Combi 300 delivered to Koelewijn BV.

| For three generations already, Koelewijn orders his drilling rigs from Conrad. The picture shows the new Conrad Combi 300 on his first workday and a Conrad Combi 71 from year 1979 together drilling holes for geothermal energy in a residential area.

The Conrad Combi 300 is designed for multiple drill principles, namely: Straight flush drilling, reverse circulation drilling and reverse circulation drilling with airlift (using compressor and double wall drill pipes). As a result the machine can be used to make quick straight flush drillings to 275 meters deep and deep drill holes with reverse circulation/air lift to large diameters of 800 mm, depending on geological conditions. The machine is also equipped with drill pipe manipulator and radio remote control for all drilling functions and moving the machine.

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