Luinstra Watermanagement added the Boxer 200

| To Luinstra Watermanagement we delivered a Boxer 200 of the new type, an impressive drilling installation focused ongeothermal energy. This is the second machine of the new type for Luinstra.

Luinstra has been operating in water management since 1984. A lot has changed over the years in terms of working methods, capacity and diversity. However, the strategy of the organization from Nieuwleusen has remained unchanged all this time. Tailor-made solutions are delivered through the use of innovative working methods and constant renewal. And it is precisely the customization in which Luinstra and Conrad find each other. It is not without reason that we have been working together for some twenty years.

In addition to the two new Boxers, Luinstra also has an older type of Boxer 200 active, but the fleet is larger. For example, this innovative company previously purchased a Comax 1000, a Combi 500 and various spool drilling masts at Conrad. But Luinstra also works with the Conrad KD machines. Conscious investments have been made in this broad fleet. Luinstra wants to serve clients by creatively developing innovative methods to realize project goals. This vision fits within the dynamic industries in which the company operates. When implementing projects, traditional disciplines are often combined with (building) methods that are more energy efficient, smarter, and cheaper. All this adjusted to the specific principles of the work in question. Innovative from plan to implementation.

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