Lightweight SBM 6.0L drilling mast with extension for Van de Pol Grondboringen

| The newly developed lightweight SBM 6.0L has been recently delivered to Van de Pol Grondboringen.

This mast is suited for dewatering drilling and can be easily attached to an excavator by means of a CW10 quick connection coupling, and hydraulic quick couplings for the drilling functions.

An 3 inch hydraulic driven swivel is mounted. This swivel has a torque of 140 daNm at 200 bar and approx. 90 rpm. Maximum pull up and pull down force is 500 daN.

The mast construction is a cambered plate which also doubles as a guide for the trolley with the swivel. Because of this the weight of the mast is lower compared to a mast of standard square tube construction. A hydraulic driven chain is used for vertical movement of the swivel.

Standard stroke of the trolley is 6 meter, but this can be extended easily to 8 meters with an extension piece. In case this is necessary the top part of the mast is disconnected. Then the extension piece is installed and the chain is extended. This extension can be realized in a short time and enhances the possibilities of this rig.

Film lightweight SBM 6.0L

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