| The Conrad drilling mast SBM 9.0C for source drainage is the latest addition to Koop Watermanagement B.V. from Bad Bentheim in Germany. Koop ensures dry feet.

Koop Watermanagement is a family business that specializes in ready-made solutions for the most varied projects in the field of groundwater abstraction and groundwater treatment. The Koop Group comes from Koop Bronbemaling from Oldenzaal. Founder Gerard Koop started his company in March 1969. The organization has grown enormously in the decades between, not least through continuous innovation. Koop and Conrad find each other there.

In addition to self-growth, Koop grows through the acquisition of existing drainage companies. The newly created branches are anchored locally and integrated globally into the Koop Group and its philosophy. Over the years, Koop's field of activity has been constantly expanded, as has the stock of equipment. The SBM 9.0C is therefore not the first installation that Koop has purchased at Conrad. For example, the organization also uses a Conrad Boxer 200.

About the SBM 9.0C
The Conrad spindle drilling mast SBM was originally developed for being able to place 10 meter long filters in one run for well-draining projects. After more than 20 years of development, this spindle drilling mast has become available for a very wide range of options. This spindle drilling mast for source drainage has an effective stroke of 9 meters, a tensile force of 1,000 daN and a compressive force set to approximately 800 daN. The mast is mounted on an excavator chassis. The main hinge is designed in such a way that the mast is rotated relative to the excavator, so that a good overview of the drilling is kept at all times from the cabin. The new SBM 9.0C will be presented on Friday 6 September at the Open Day of Sale in Germany.

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