Jetting mast PJ de Vet

| Conrad delivered a brand new SBM 8.0 C jetting mast with a mast height of 9,6 meters to PJ de Vet & Zonen Mill BV. This drilling mast is installed on a Liebherr 914 Compact machine and has a Conrad 5" drilling head driven by two hydraulic motors.

The Conrad jetting mast SBM was originally developed for positioning 10-metre long filters at wellpoint drainage projects in one go. This jetting mast has become deployable for a broad range of options after over 20 years of continued development. The jetting mast of PJ de Vet & Zonen Mill BV is equiped with a mast which allows the drill master to hydraulicly adjust the height out of the cabine.

About PJ de Vet
PJ de Vet & Zonen Mill BV is specialized in well drilling and dewatering. The company has a lot of experience in temporarely lowering the groundwater level, so earthwork and foundation work can be performed in dry circumstances. In the outline and maintenance of the underground cables, channels and sewage pipes the organization is asked to guarantee a dry groove. Whether it concerns civil works or building projects, PJ de Vet has the solution for groundwater challenges.

Jetting masts

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