Henk van Tongeren Materieel receives SBM 8.0C jettingmast

| End of 2011 Henk van Tongeren Materieel took delivery of a SBM 6.0C and beginning of 2013 a SBM 8.0C jetting mast is added to their inventory.

The jettingmast is equipped with a drillhead with a thrupass of 125 mm (5 inch). The drillhead has a torque of 300 daNm and a maximum speed of 70 rpm. The topside of the drillhead is equipped with a cap for installing filters trough the drillhead.

The base arm of the excavator has been modified. The hydraulic system is modified in order to control the functions of the jettingmast. Furthermore the excavator has been painted in the blue colour used by Henk van Tongeren Materieel.

We also refer to the video of the comparable SBM 6.0C where the workings of this mast are demonstrated.

Film SBM 8.0C jetting mast

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