| Hawi from Zelhem in the Achterhoek recently put the Boxer 150 flush drilling rig into use. This specialist in garden machines, irrigation and soil drilling opted for a full option Conrad machine.

Hawi was founded on February 1, 2010 by Hans Sloetjes and Willem Goossens. The name is a combination of the first letters of both gentlemen. Hawi originated from the company Hans Sloetjes Tuinmachines and has grown from repairing and selling lawnmowers to installing garden irrigation. Hawi has taken on this last branch and, in addition, Hawi has started to specialize in various soil drilling.

This Conrad Boxer 150 flush drilling rig, painted in the corporate colors, has a compact design and is powerful in design. The machine is standard equipped with a casing manipulation system, optional for semi-automatic operation and a 150 meter casing storage capacity. This makes the Boxer 150 easy to control, even in a small space. Naturally, this machine also contains proven radiographic technology for optimum operating comfort.

The Boxer 150 is equipped with a FLOW CONTROL. With this system it is possible to set the desired ascent rate in the borehole. Through a continuous data analysis in the field of water pressure, pump speed and water flow with our control system, this control ensures that the pump automatically adjusts to the set values. This is essential when drilling through different soil layers. Simply working with the Flow Control results in an optimal borehole for extremely precise finishing. This system was developed in 2016 and has now become an indispensable part of the Conrad drilling rigs.

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