| Geoservices bvba from Rijkevorsel in Belgium recently started drilling with a second Boxer. After the Boxer 150, the fleet of this specialist in geothermal energy systems has been supplemented with its robust bigger brother, the Conrad Boxer 200.

The Conrad Boxer 200 is a permanent value in the Conrad product range. It's a powerful machine, but one that's easy to handle. You can safely call the operating comfort high. The Boxer 200 is comparable in many parts and yet every machine has its own specs.

This Geoservices installation, for example, is already fully prepared for connection to the Conrad Compact Reclaimer (desanding unit with the name CCR) and is equipped with a so-called positive displacement pump. This positive displacement pump offers drillers the ability to drill in more difficult conditions. This Boxer 200 is therefore extremely suitable for working in a clay-like surface. This drilling technique is more powerful and therefore the maximum working pressure is higher. Nevertheless, the Geoservices drilling machine is also equipped with the traditional centrifugal pump.

At Conrad we stand for customization and custom installations. Depending on the drilling conditions, a choice can be made for the right pump. There is a suitable pump for every surface, the possibilities are endless. In addition, we are now working on our own pump system, in which the best of all worlds are combined. But more on that later.


Geoservices originates from the drilling company Dammekens Putboringen and has built up leading expertise in the heat pump industry since 1980. In 1993 Jos Dammekens started the Geoservices company in Hoboken in Belgium. In 1996, the current manager of Geoservices Danny Maes became acquainted with the heat pump. As a refrigeration engineer, he installed his first heat pump for Jos Dammekens and was soon impressed by this type of heating. In 2003 he took over the organization from Dammekens, who would work there for another 5 years. Jos Dammekens was a specialist in calculating vertical geothermal heat exchangers for heat extraction, a very important and often underestimated component in a geothermal heat pump system. This knowledge was taken on board and this resulted in the purchase of the first drilling rig in 2008. Meanwhile, Geoservices annually installs more than 200 heat pumps throughout Flanders for heating and cooling private homes, apartment blocks, office and industrial buildings.

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