Drilling machines to be delivered soon

| Currently we are finalizing machines which are to be delivered in the next couple of weeks. These machines are a Combi 500 HD and a Comax 1000.

The Combi 500 for Dura Vermeer Infra as can be seen on the photo’s in green colour is a machine which is equipped for reverse circulation and airlift drilling and has a pull up force of 18.000 daN (18 tonnes). Deep drillings with large diameter can be drilled with this machine without much effort.

It has to be mentioned that this rig will be equipped with an Iveco Tier-4 dieselengine, together with the Ad-blue system. This is the first Tier-4 industrial diesel engine in the Netherlands!

Dura Vermeer has been a customer of Conrad Stanen for many years already and their current Combi 500 installation has been traded in. Please see our occasion section for more details about this rig.

For A. Hojfeldt A/S from Herning in Denmark a Comax 1000 is currently on our production line and will be ready for delivery in a couple of weeks. This order is the result of many talks in recent years to obtain a larger market share in Denmark. Traditionally A. Hojfeldt used rigs of Fraste. The near endless possibilities to engineer a rig according to the customers needs was the reason for A. Hojfeldt to choose for the products of Conrad Stanen.
The Comax 1000 has a maximum pull up (retracting force) of 30.000 daN (30 tonnes) and is equipped with the latest state of the art techniques we can offer. Among others this means a PLC operated drillpipe manipulation system, a radiographic control, an advanced operating system and a hydraulic driven electric generator of 11 kVA.

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