| Divago Boringen from Mol in Belgium started this year. The first machine: a beautiful orange Conrad Boxer 200. Divago B.V. specializes in geothermal drilling and water wells.

Dieter van Gorp is manager and driller at Divago Boringen. He brings a decade of experience in the drilling world. In 2021 he started the first project in Leopoldsburg with his own machine: the Conrad Boxer 200. With a clear specialization in geothermal drilling and water wells, this is obviously a wonderful choice.

The Boxer manipulator is equipped with a semi-automatic operation. With a single command, the drill pipe is removed or returned fully automatically from the warehouse. This ensures optimum operating comfort. The machine runs on a Volvo Stage V engine. The Boxer 200 thus meets the current emission requirements, making Divago ready for the future.

Another modern addition to Conrad's installations is the modem, which is mounted in the mast. This offers Conrad the opportunity to view and analyze real-time data via a wireless connection. A great advantage for the drill master on site, but above all to have timely insight into the performance of the auger. In this way we monitor the operation of all our installations.

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