Delivery of the Boxer 150 to Bronboringsbedrijf Enter

| This week we delivered a brand new blood-red Boxer 150 to Bronboringsbedrijf Enter in the Netherlands. A jetting mast with an I-QAN operating system and a infinitely variable driving speed.

Drilling company Enter is specialized in constructing geothermal installations, irrigation systems, fire puts, water sources and deferrization systems. Enter works with one drilling machine and we are therefore tremendously proud that business owner Robert Slaghekke chose Conrad for the production of his new installation. We took over his old machine.

This Boxer 150 is equiped with the I-QAN operating system. This modern electrical operating device offers the possibility to completely control all functions of the drilling machine, to monitor the results and to automate all processes using the CANbus-system. At the control screen diesel engine -data, -speed,positions and pressure can be supervised easliy. Simultaneously the control panel provides the chance to simplify the tuning of the functions.

Effective slag: 4,2 meters
Maximum pulling: 5.000 daN
Maximum pushing: 3.000 daN
Cylinder is equiped with accurate free lowering drill bit

Hydraulic driven 4 inch drill bit typeT-4-5-500, driven by two hydro engines, accommodated with a parallel connection for the high/low connection.

High couple: 500 daNm to 10 - 60 omw/min
Low couple: 300 daNm to20 - 120 omw/min
Losbreekkoppel: 650 daNm
100 mm

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