| The Conrad Combi 500 is a reliable, powerful and robust drilling rig that is also extremely suitable for international use. With its solid mast construction, a stable arrangement is guaranteed during the most rugged drilling conditions.

Equipped with a drill pipe manipulation system and all major drilling functions can be controlled by radio, the Combi 500 is an advanced and one of the most modern drilling machines in its class. The Combi 500 can be custom-designed for flush drilling, suction / air lift drilling, pulse drilling, core drilling and hammer drilling. It has a fixed control panel for operating all auxiliary functions, including the diesel engine control and a radio control unit for the caterpillar drive, and the drilling functions.

About De Ruiter
The origin of De Ruiter is in Hardinxveld. In 1868, work on dikes was started here. Around 1890 the company moved to Leiden later to Amsterdam, where it was involved in the construction of the drinking water and electricity grid. The work was soon expanded with the drilling of water wells, the carrying out of drainage and soil survey on land and water. Since March 2015 the company works under the name De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek. At the beginning of March 2016 De Ruiter left Halfweg after almost a century and moved to Haarlem.

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