| IMB-Spirk from Austria received the Conrad rotary table CRT 324 in January for the construction on an existing drilling rig. The IMB-Spirk CRT 324 is equipped with support cylinders for optimum stability.

IMB-Spirk from Austria trades in drilling systems, injection systems and measurement techniques for specialized foundation techniques. IMB sells and rents versatile and high-quality equipment to construction companies all over Europe. In the factory they are well equipped to repair large equipment. This makes it possible to meet the individual requirements of their customers by adjusting standard equipment to ensure the best possible implementation of special orders. They came to Conrad for a rotating table type CRT 419 earlier. This time we delivered the CRT 324.

CRT 324
The IMB-Spirk CRT 324 is equipped with support cylinders for optimum stability. Thanks to the intelligent design of the inserts, it is possible to change them efficiently and quickly to another diameter casing. The clamp inserts are also provided with wear plates that can also be easily changed.

The rotary table is equipped with a hydraulic casing clamp, mounted under the rotary table, for clamping the casing during installation and disassembly. The passage of this clamp can be adjusted by means of inserts for smaller diameter casing.

Max. torque2.200 daNm
Max. thrupass335 mm
Max. stroke500 mm
Retracting force20.000 daN
Push down force10.000 daN (with sufficient achoring)
Speed range0 - 10 rpm

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