Conrad delivers HMB KD 53 percussion drilling installation

| The Conrad KD 53 from HMB Groep from Maasbree is operational since the 13th of November 2017. This specialized drilling machine has its focus on percussion drilling with a depth till 80 meters

This KD 53 Drilling rig has several new features, all with the emphasis on the execution of percussion drilling. The added value is that HMB B.V. can now take care of percussion drilling to a depth of 80 m for clients, where the maximum range used to be 50 m. In addition to carrying out percussion drilling, HMB can carry out auger drilling with this new drilling rig.

With a view to safety, the drilling rig is equipped with the latest new techniques. An infrared protection ensures that the table is not accessible during drilling.

About HMB B.V.

HMB is a drilling and consulting firm in the world of soil energy, asbestos, soil and noise research and the construction of in-situ remediation systems. With more than twenty employees, the organization provides services in the Netherlands and Belgium. HMB B.V. is particularly useful at the intersection of theory and practice. The combination of a thorough execution with extensive knowledge of laws and regulations leads to practical, sustainable and reliable solutions.

In the Netherlands, global attention has been paid to soil pollution since the mid-1980s. HMB B.V. stems from the Environment Agency that was founded in 1990. In the first instance this focused mainly on soil research and the carrying out of mechanical soil drilling for third parties for soil research. Asbestos and noise research soon came along. By purchasing a large drilling rig, soil energy systems have been installed at an early stage.

With the purchase of a large drilling rig in 2008, a new drilling technology (dislocated rinsing drilling) was introduced for the Netherlands and Belgium for the installation of deep monitoring wells, in-situ remediation systems and the application of soil energy systems in geologically difficult drilling areas that are gravel, rock and rock-bearing to be.


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