| Rossingh Drilling chose the Combi 300. This Conrad Combi 300 HD rotary drill is designed for rinsing, suction and air lift bores and is suitable for handling 4 meter long drill pipes.

The Conrad Combi 300 is a combination drilling machine that is frequently mounted on truck chassis or on crawler chassis. It is a very popular model on which the various drilling systems can be integrated together, due to its multifunctionality the Combi 300 can be used very widely.

The Combi 300 HD from Rossingh is equipped with a hydraulically driven track frame with rubber vulcanised plates, and a length of approx. 3.5 meters. The driving speed is infinitely variable. With the I-QAN radio control unit, both the caterpillar drive and all major drilling functions can be operated. Integrated on this control unit is a power control that reduces the diesel engine speed to idle when there is no operation for 5 seconds. As soon as a function is operated, the full power is available again. This results in less noise, lower emissions and more efficient fuel consumption.

A modem in the control box enables Conrad Stanen to view and analyze data data through a established dial-up connection. To establish the dial-up connection, a mobile data plan and use of the Parker digital network and the software is necessary.

Rossingh Drilling from Gasselte specializes in geothermal energy, seismic drilling and well drilling. Jan Rossingh started in 1999 for himself, after years of experience with various seismic companies. The organization stands for quality and therefore has a very experienced team of dredgers and a modern car and machine park that meets the latest technical requirements.

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