Conrad Combi 300 for Thade Gerdes Germany

| Thade Gerdes bohrunternehmen is an established name in Germany and beyond since 1900. The organization opted for a Conrad Combi 300 that can be used for straight flush drilling, auger Drilling and percussion drilling.

The Conrad Combi 300 is a combination drilling rig that is already often mounted on truck chassis or a crawler track. Many wish to use this model on which the different drilling systems can be integrated jointly. The Combi 300 can be very broadly deployed due to its multi functionality.

Multifunctional and flexible

This specific Conrad Combi 300 is equipped with the latest technologies, and is, like any Conrad drilling rig, completely tailored to the customer's requirements. Among other things, a Conrad CRT 419 rotary table and a Palfinger loading crane were installed. Drillpipes and casing can be handled with the loading crane. A grab is mounted on the crane for maximum flexibility in handling different sizes of casing.

A forklift mast has been mounted on the rear of the machine for easy transportation of drilling requirements, even in hard-to-reach terrain where standard equipment can not be used.

- The drilling systems are installed so that they can be quickly exchanged with the other drilling systems.
- Drilling mast is equipped with mastdump (sliding system), maximum stroke is 0.6 meters. For positioning the rotarytable on the ground to provide stability.
- The rotarytable can be easily connected / disconnected and exchanged.
- A EURO 6 diesel engine is installed on the drill. The advantage of this engine type is that it emits fewer emissions and has lower fuel consumption.
- The sound proofed engine housing ensures a low noise level. This Combi 300 is very suitable for working in built-up areas.
- In view of the current safety requirements, a safety fence is mounted around the drill head. As soon as the gate is opened, the rotational speed and the torque of the drill head or rotary table are reduced so that workers don't get trapped between moving parts.

About Thade Gerdes

Thade Gerdes is a family business from the north of East Friesland and was founded in 1900. It has been known since the start as a reliable drilling specialist for small and medium-sized projects and has a name, even far beyond the borders of East Friesland. The organization is already in the third generation of management and the second and third generation of local executives. Thade Gerdes combines expertise with technological innovation and contemporary customer service.

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