Combi 500 HD with integrated circulation system for Aqua Vrijsen

| In May the company Aqua Vrijsen from Houthalen, Belgium has taken delivery of their Combi 500 HD. This rig will be used for straight flush drillings up to 350 meters depth.

In order to be prepared for new regulations regarding filling of boreholes a hose injection system is included. With this system a hose is lowered in the borehole to fill the borehole in a controlled manner. Furthermore a fully equipped system for treatment of the drillmud is available. Which, among other, includes a collection tank with a conveyor belt to extract the large rocks and debris, a cyclone and a sedimentation tank.

We also refer to the video of this rig where we provide a in depth explanation of the several options installed on this rig.

Film Combi 500 HD

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