Combi 500 HD for Aqua Vrijsen, Belgium

| In September Conrad received an order for design and production of a Combi 500 HD, this time for Aqua Vrijsen from Belgium.

It concerns a Combi 500 HD which is equipped for straight flush drillings up to 350 meters depth. For this purpose 2 centrifugal flush pumps of 150 m3/hr are installed. When drilling deeper holes the pumps can be linked parallel and thus creating a total capacity of approximately 300 m3/hr. Furthermore the rig has a pull up force of 18 tons. The 6 inch drillhead has a maximum torque of 1200 daNm.

The rig is equipped with several interesting options such as a datalogging system for logging of process data, a hose handling system for filling the borehole, a hydraulic driven generator of 11 kVA and a flushbasin system for handling of drilling fluid on board of the rig.

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