Combi 300 delivered to Bouten Grondwatertechniek

| ​This month Bouten Grondwatertechniek has taken delivery of their new Combi 300 on tracked undercarriage. The new rig replaces the Combi 300 on truck which has been in use satisfactorily by Bouten since the year 2000.

The new drilling rig is equipped with the straight flush- reverse circulation and airlift drilling system. For the airlift drilling a hydraulic driven compressor is placed on deck of the drilling rig. And for improved manoeuvrability a turntable is foreseen. The engine power of 238 Hp at 2200 rpm ensures there is enough power available at all times to drill fast and efficiently. Besides the almost standard present equipment on Conrad drilling rigs such as a drillpipe manipulation system and radiographic control also an automatic greasing system and an advanced operating system are present.

The above mentioned advanced operating system deserves some extra explanation. Conrad Stanen always tries to continuously develop its products and part of this striving is the implementation of a new operating system.

Basically with this system its possible to monitor and influence all input and output signals of the drilling rig. This means that all parameters of the diesel engine can be monitored, the speed (rpm) can be adjusted, hydraulic pressures of the hydraulic system can be checked, sensor input can be read, etc.
Furthermore its possible to influence the control of a certain function based on the input of sensors. For example its possible to set a minimum value for a sensor before a certain function is released or released with a limit. The control of hydraulic functions can be controlled very accurately which makes that the rig can be operated easy and instinctively.

Programming of this system is done completely in-house and therefore it is possible to meet the specific requirements of our customers. The possibilities are almost endless.
We would like to inform you about the possibilities this system has to offer for you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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