| March 9, 2021 | Well drilling company ENTER from the town of the same name in Twente received its bright red Boxer 200 last week. After the Boxer 150 in 2016 and an earlier Boxer 200 in 2019, this is the third machine they ordered.

Well drilling company Enter is a dynamic company specialized in the construction of geothermal installations, irrigation systems, fire pits, water wells and iron removal systems. Enter works for both the business and private market and has its home base in Enter, Twente. You see the red drills of this relatively young organization more and more and with that color they also stand out.

This new Boxer 200 is a complete drilling rig with a diesel engine to the latest emission requirements. The machine is built on a caterpillar undercarriage with a slewing ring and is in this way easy to maneuver and therefore very suitable for smaller spaces. In addition, the Boxer 200 is equipped with a winch with 250 meters of cable for handling the collector weight. A smart solution that saves the necessary costs on an annual basis. Grease lubrication takes place centrally via an ingenious pipe system with pump.

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