Belgian client Thermodrill received their Boxer 150 for direct flush drilling

| Conrad delivered a brandnew Boxer 150 for straight flsh drilling to Thermodrill in Belgium this week. This drilling machine is specialized in heat extraction in greater depths, also called geothermal energy.

Thermodrill is a drilling company established by two Belgian specialists in heat pumps: Eco Heating and Geoservices. The organisation chose for a base of the Boxer 150. This truly modern installation is completely radiographicly controlled. Due to its copacht size it is easy to maneuver and extremely fit in difficult passable terrain and smaller areas. And that is exactly what Thermodrill needed.

Geoservices about geothermal energy
"99% of our planet is warmer than 1.000°C, therefore geothermal energy is considered an important sustainable energy source. Its availability is limitless. The heat occurs from the rest warmth at the beginning of the earth and from the natural decay of long living radio active isotopes. The largest application for geothermal energy is heating and cooling via a heat pump. In Scandinavia, Germany and Ostria over 1.000.000 heat pump are in use already."

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