| We wish you all a innovative and successful new year and thank you for your confidence in Conrad.

The year 2016 is ending. It was an inspiring and innovative year. We presented Conrad at Bauma Munchen for the first time in history and developed a new corporate identity, including a new website and corporate movie. And ... we delivered more drilling machines than ever before, worldwide.

All those developments were exciting and very positive. But they caused new challenges as well. If you grow, you need an adult approach. Because of this we comprehensively analysed our internal processes. Please let us tell you the changes we made.

We created a new job between our sales, engineering and the workshop. We searched for a senior Purchase & Internal Project Manager with the knowledge of our branch. We are very delighted to announce that we found our new kid on the block. Steven van Mourik will be presented soon on our website. Steven can be reached at purchase@conrad-stanen.nl.

Since the beginning of December 2016 we work with a new telephone exchange program which makes it easier for you to get in contact with the right department. When you experience any kind of discomfort, please let us know by mail. Your comfort is our biggest concern.

Starting first of January our standard hourly rate changes from €57,- to €65,- per hour. The rates for programming will be the usual €70,- per hour.

Conrad strives for maximum service. In 2017 we will be available 24/7. U can reach us after working hours and in the weekends by using number 9 in our telephone exchange program. The start up costs, besides the hourly rate are €200,-

Thank you for your confidence in Conrad for over the last few years. We look forward to 2017 and all our plans. We look forward to the extension and redesign of our headquarters, to the development of new products and the production of beautiful machines. We hope to see you soon, 1 on 1, or at our "demo days".

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Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!!
The team of Conrad

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