| A year on the road! Harry Schoemaker has been responsible for the Engineering department at Conrad since January 2019. The engineering department is an essential part of operational management, certainly when you develop tailor-made drilling machines.

The engineering department is an essential part of operational management, certainly when you develop custom ground drilling systems like Conrad. Although product lines such as the Boxer series, the KD series and the SBM machines have similarities, each machine is redesigned according to the specific requirements of our clients. The chassis, the drill bit, the motor and the mast are all supplied custom.

Engineering is responsible for the development of all customer-specific projects, so that the correct parts can be ordered and the machine can be assembled. This responsibility also includes the maintenance of the drawings and engineering documents of the existing product portfolio. In addition, the Harry team is involved in the (further) development and engineering of new machines that the market (sales) needs. We think along with our customers regarding the drilling process and many secondary processes. Here new ideas get their hands and feet. This is where innovation takes shape.

Harry Schoemaker has been responsible for the Engineering department at Conrad since January 2019. After completing the MTS-wtb, HTS precision mechanical engineering and studying business administration, he started at Stork diesel engines in Zwolle as a Research Engineer. So you can say that he has already sniffed the history of Conrad. Harry gained experience at NLR as a constructor and grew to become project leader and engineering team leader in machine building. During that period he developed his knowledge and experience in the field of management & organization. Twelve years before Conrad, he worked at an American company in the field of medical device construction, including the design of operating rooms. Harry knows better than anyone what is expected from the engineering department.

Conrad has grown rapidly in recent years. So we are working hard on optimizing our processes. At the same time, we stand for supplying quality machines, reliable in every detail. Installations that meet the required regulations, built and equipped with technology according to the most modern techniques. We also want to be of service to our customers as quickly as possible, either with a new installation or with problems in the field. We are aware that what we build for clients must be good and safe. However, the requirements and wishes are dynamic and constantly changing.

“It is important to remain critical about the work we do, to keep a close eye on developments and to continue to innovate. That naturally makes engineering a wonderful profession.

“My position demands I am involved in most processes. Many different questions come to me during the day. That means constantly switching and thinking about how activities are managed in the right direction. I deal with many people and departments. And that suits me. I think having a helicopter view is essential. I spend most of my time with sales, construction, service and machining, but then you pointed out almost the entire Conrad company."

“A development that is currently taking place is how boreholes can best be filled and how this process can be optimized. Another development is 2050: off the gas, no longer using fossil fuels. Geothermal heat will be used more and will have to be tapped and exploited more economically and figuratively. Although I am a motor man and love everything that has a combustion engine, I am behind the 2050 position. The world will change dramatically and Conrad will also have to go along with this. We, too, have to think about alternative drive technologies, other than a combustion engine. Of course we have been thinking about this for a long time. In fact, we have already started several projects. I am curious what all these developments will bring us. "

“There is still a lot possible and with the knowledge we have, we can actually add something to the world. With Conrad we have that influence internationally. I have traveled quite a bit privately and for work and have therefore seen quite a bit of the world. Indonesia, Dubai, Oman, America and of course many European countries. In Indonesia and especially in the middle of the jungle in Kalimantan (Borneo), I would like to deliver a machine there. "

“I prefer to spend my vacations high in the mountains, together with my family. We then take long distance hikes to remote mountain huts. And even though there is no motor involved, canyoning is my passion. I do use the motor regularly in the summer period. A few times a week for commuting and once a year I make a long distance ride. In the Netherlands I can often be found at motorcycle events. I regularly visit a meeting, meeting or party and there I meet kindred spirits. That atmosphere is great. Just like with Conrad, by the way. Everyone works hard, is of good will and is willing to change with the company. I hope we can keep this up, put our shoulders to the wheel and make the world a little better. ”

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