| Also for a Logistics Manager, the working days at Conrad can be called at least diverse. : no two days are alike in the warehouse. Gerdjan Visser, Head of Logistics and a man with a mission is speaking.

Gerdjan Visser has been responsible for the logistics at Conrad Stanen since 1 January 2019 and is working hard on process optimization, digitization, barcode scanning and order-driven work between companies. He actually does not have a "pause button". Yet he doesn't look at all stressed. With his sober view of things and all those years of experience, he radiates tranquility. And that is no mean feat in the dynamics of Conrad.

Also for a Logistics Manager, the working days at Conrad can be called at least diverse. “No day is the same in the warehouse. My department is primarily responsible for the logistics process. In addition, we take care of purchasing the work stock, we manage transporters and we arrange our own transport as efficiently as possible in urgent matters. But there is much more. We do not have a fixed structure in our work and are mainly guided by responding to the questions of purchasing, new construction and service. ”The logistics have a useful function, but that does not mean we don't look at the future

"In between daily activities we work together to improve the logistics process. We rank all different articles and place them at fixed locations. Our Kardex cabinet, the warehouse system that we have been operating since 2018, plays an important role in the warehouse. As a result, we have started to work differently, especially in a clearer way. We are now fully engaged in searching for the ideal distribution of goods. The system should work even more for us in the future. Especially the ergonomics has been improved by this way of storage. Moreover, the goods are stored more safely and dust-free. The ultimate mission is to reduce the delivery time of the installations as much as possible. "

“Another improvement that we are making is barcode scanning. We want to reduce the number of mistakes that we make and increase the speed of work considerably. Moreover, this approach will make it clearer where all the work in progress has been collected. These are essential points for cooperation with the other departments. Of course we have a lot to do with the Purchasing departments of Steven van Mourik, Sales, New Construction and the Service department, but Logistics also affects the Creditor department and Marketing, for example. Keeping the overview, that's the biggest challenge. ”

"I can lose all the knowledge and experience I have gained here."

“The longest training course that I have completed is Warehouse Management. In addition, I have followed various follow-up courses such as "Warehouse optimization, Leiden or Suffering" and many trainings in the field of logistics management and management, VCA Vol, BHV, e.t.c. I gained my logistics experience at the company S.M.T., (formerly Kuiken) importer of Volvo and Sennebogen earthmoving and handling equipment. I have worked here for twenty-three years, the last fifteen of which as Warehouse Manager. I led a team of about thirteen people and a few trainees. And although my department at Conrad is considerably smaller at the moment, I find the work very challenging. I can use all the knowledge and experience I have gained here. "

“In my experience, Conrad stands for delivering the best possible product to the customer. I also notice that the management wants to be a good employer for the staff. People know each other well here, from the direct environment, or because they have been working together for years. This makes the connection strong and communication a lot easier. You can also see this cohesion in the contact with the customer. In my view, our greatest strength is continuously responding to the wishes of the customer. We have no ready-made products. Every machine is unique and that means that we are always ready. Even with problems or malfunctions. "

“It is not really possible to always be ready. Still, I don't relax enough during breaks. Too often I check my e-mail over the phone to see if there are any issues that I need to do anything with. I'm better at it in the evenings and at the weekend. I seek my relaxation in, among other things, bowling in a competitive context and I regularly play tournaments. I also go to the gym every week, I like to cycle with my wife and I often go out in the summer with the camper. Cycling and taking walks, that is the mission. "

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