GEOTeCH consortium visits initiator Conrad Stanen

| This October the consortium of GEOTeCH visited The Netherlands. After the kick off in Amsterdam the partners moved to Emmeloord to observe the testing of our geothermal machines in real time.

GEOTeCH is an European initiative from Conrad Stanen and Groenholland Geo Energy Systems and a cooperation of partners such as universities all over Europe and geo, engineering, production and infrastructure specialists. This general assembly meeting was a follow-up from former meetings in Brussels, Valencia and Bilbao. GEOTeCH brings into collaboration diverse expertise, engaging a well-balanced multidisciplinary consortium share of: Large Industrial Companies, Technological Specialized SMEs, and Research Organizations.

The innovative improved drilling technologies and overall geothermal solutions developed are going to be implemented in four demo sites and tested in real operational conditions in order to validate the reduction of costs of the overall geothermal system.

GEOTeCH objectives
GEOTeCH project aims to stimulate and promote greater utilization of renewable heating and cooling using shallow geothermal GSHP systems through advancement of innovative drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies that are significantly more cost-effective, affordable and efficient than current technology.The proposed GEOTeCH project intends not only to develop and innovate drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies but also develop system solutions that make the best use of hybrid heat pump and control technologies so that efficient replicable “plug and play” whole systems can be offered to the housing and small building market sectors. A slightly different approach is to be taken regarding the large tertiary building sector. In this market a key means to innovation and widening application of GSHPs is by improving the uptake of foundation heat exchanger technology through better design, robust control systems, optimal hybridization and integration as well as improved life-cycle cost effectiveness.

Socio-economic impact
The Energy Efficiency Directive sets out measures to achieve further savings in energy supply and use. Indeed buildings represent one of the biggest potential of unused energy savings. They are responsible for about 40% energy use and 80% of CO2 emissions. Aiming at the demonstration of innovative concepts for geothermal energy, GEOTeCH fully supports these measures through the deployment of industry-led demonstrators at high TRL, in a process that will serve as replication model for other deployment cases of the demonstrated solutions.

GEOTeCH Project EU

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