| On Tuesday, January 7 Nathan's team reported themselves, with twenty men, to the 'master class drillmaster' in Emmeloord. In the one-day training all components and the course of action of the Conrad earth boring equipment were discussed.

As a drill master you want to know what's under the hood of your vertical drilling rig. What are the do's & don'ts? What options are there and how do you make maximum use of this. In a one-day training, our Electrical Engineer Robin Staes takes drilling masters from all over the world along Conrad's drilling installations, from the motor to the drill chuck and from the complete hydraulic system to the manipulator, no fuse is skipped.

Last year the team of Remon was our guest at the Escudo in Emmeloord. The first training will be completed in 2020 for the men of Nathan. And that is not for nothing. The training makes the drillmasters and therefore the organization more independent. By correctly handling the machines and parts, you can work longer and more efficiently. Any bottlenecks can already be solved on location, which saves time. In addition, after the training, each drillmaster is able to communicate more in detail about the machine with Conrad's service and maintenance specialists.


1. Motor
2. Hydraulic system
3. Grease lubrication
4. Scanreco remote control
5. Fuses
6. Mast and translation
7. Caterpillar chassis and stamps
8. Winch and jib
9. Drill bit
10. Delivery
11. PU / PD
12. Swap clock
13. Catch clamp
14. Clamping hands
15. Auto pressurize
16. Lamp pile
17. Manipulator arm
18. Pipe rack
19. Pump
20. Screen
21. Service / Maintenance contract
22. Malfunction

Do you also want to get the most out of your Conrad drilling rig? Then contact us and book a training day for your team or register for one of the open training days in 2020. You know the drill!

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