Exceptional drilling job with Boxer 200 and Comax 800

| Exceptional drilling job for De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek with the Boxer 200 and Comax 800 from Conrad.

De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek has successfully completed a drilling earlier this year where the borehole has a diameter of Ø 3.600 mm and a depth of over 60 meters. In this hole a casing was installed which serves as test- and measuring set up for Huisman Equipment in Schiedam.

For drilling of the required borehole two Conrad drill rigs of De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek were used, being the Boxer 200 and the Comax 800. Conrad has modified the Comax 800 especially for this drilling by installing a drillhead with a thrupass of 8 inch and a torque of approx. 5.000 kgm.

The Conrad Boxer 200 was first used to drill a pilot hole with a diameter of Ø600 mm and a depth of 60 meters. The Comax 800 was then used to drill the final hole of Ø3.600 mm to a depth of over 60 meters.

After installing the casing the borehole was backfilled with underwater concrete, equipped with steelfiber reinforcement, gravel and grout according to the BRL 2100 regulations.

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